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Everything we do within the food system falls under three areas

  • Brand strategy
  • Social media and communications
  • Food systems research and design

Brand Strategy


Brand identity and focus is not uniform, it adapts and changes. It is a journey. At Wren&Co we are focused on building an engaging, honest and impactful experience that serves the clients vision and delivers value.  We enable to client’s to understand their brand journey by diving into the WHAT and the WHY. Then we build the HOW. We build a values driven brand strategy that delivers 

  • A deep understanding of product place and market fit 
  • Short-Mid-Long Term brand mapping & Growth 
  • Strategic Partnership and network

Social Media and Communication


Building a relationship with your audience ensures that your work creates impact. Messages are positioned with aligned audiences using tactical communication across public social media and selective diverse private networks. Developing design assets and dynamically engaging content have the power to capture attention and creatively inform about complex food systems messages. Locating effective actors in an extensive private network from local to international ensures your messages gain traction with the right people. 

  • Tailored communications strategy 
  • Multi-million views on platforms from LinkedIn to TikTok
  • Creative direction for design assets across your brand

Food Systems Research & Design


Driving transformative change for global food systems challenges requires activating new solutions built using the best research. Addressing these complex issues using data-driven, technological solutions enables the creation of cutting edge innovation to enable big picture thinking and progress. New opportunities appear and long term impact is created when food systems scenarios are re-imagined through evidence-based innovation and technology.

  • Data science, AI and data visualisation solutions
  • Big picture thinking on food systems policy and governance
  • Food systems processes and workshop development


Wren&Co were a key part of the impact and success of our project ‘A Sustainable Food System for the European Union’, thanks to their network, ideas and creative thinking.
It was a pleasure to work with Gavin, he was incredibly professional and executed our brief perfectly. We have received great feedback on the final delivery and would definitely like to work together again.
Katie, Dairy Industry
Wren&Co’s work has brought vital creative ideas to our complex output and helped communicate our work with heightened clarity
Rosalind, Food Research Collaboration




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