Building audiences on TikTok

Multi-million views and huge engagement with food systems content

What was the problem?

A need for increased engagement with research-backed social media content about food systems. Organisations working in the food sector need to build impact using content which is highly engaging for their audience, whilst supporting the evidence; the holy grail of food systems content. Research language is often complex and opaque, requiring adaptation to suit the visual appetites of social media users.

What was the solution?

Using in-house experience of being a TikTok influencer, we created informative, snackable content which hooks TikTok users. By profiling the audience personas, the location of their platforms and the knowledge hooks, we tailored the messaging and tone of voice, allowing impactful social media content to be developed.

How we did it

Using our unique eye for identifying hooks in food systems literature, we assess the research, extract the information and build a library of bite-sized knowledge. Once this information is placed within the wider context of the sector, snackable nuggets of information are built which create strong engagement.

Content Creation
Social Media Strategy
Audience Growth

Our Impact

Engaging, informative food systems content which creates rapid audience growth whilst also educating

  • Stunning metrics with multi-million monthly views
  • High engagement rates with comments and shares
  • Extended view time metrics for vitality

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