Strategic Brand Development & Communications

Scientific Advice for Policy by European Academies (SAPEA)

What was the problem?

In 2018, SAPEA was asked to produce a research study
focused on the development of a sustainable food system for
the EU. SAPEA needed to transform the academic tone of the organisation to a more impartial evidence-based digital personality in order to access new digital audiences. Previous studies relied on activating networks in academia and government, so it was essential to strategically communicate the new study to other key communities that focus on food systems.

What was the solution?

We segmented activities to access groups online and offline, focussing on community activation. Our three main areas were:

  • Creating strategic partnerships with aligned food policy bodies
  • Developing a new digital brand voice
  • Building an organic engaged online community

How we did it

We built strategic alliances with influential organisations in the sphere of food policy and advocacy across Europe to get SAPEA’s message to the right people. We also developed a series of targeted and informative visual and written communications that were used to promote the contents of the report via social media and online publishing platforms.

Strategic Alliances
Research Content Creation
Communications Strategy

Our impact

SAPEA saw increased influence in European food systems dialogues across multiple areas:

  • Successfully developed new digital presence
  • Grew digital community by 127% in the key target demographic group
  • Synthesised SAPEA’s academic research into snackable digital content

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