Systems Mapping Toolkit Development

The Centre for Food Policy at City, University of London and the Food Research Collaboration

What was the problem?

The Centre for Food Policy is known as a key knowledge hub for UK, EU and global policy. New research had revealed a lack ofcoherence within different nations and their government’s policy- making processes. Publications from policy-related projects across the department were also being published and promoted in isolation. This incongruent approach reduced the ability for policymakers to assess opportunities, create transparency, form partnerships and evaluate barriers within policymaking.

What was the solution?

A full review identified a missing process that would connect research outputs on policy to stakeholder mapping and decision making. The creation of a systems mapping tool helps to identify clear stakeholders within a policy landscape and pave a path

for increased collaboration, transparency and accountability. It provides a valuable tool for global strategic leaders, maximising collaboration and the impact of The Centre for Food Policy.

How we did it

We used strategic big-picture food systems thinking to identify synergies between multiple publications and create a unique theoretical tool that focused on ‘creating coherency’ in high-level policymaking. We also analysed the value of individual research outputs for different audiences to discern where resources could be focussed effectively, before taking a more selective approach to all communications activity.

Strategic Review
Research Analysis
Communications Strategy

Our impact

The theoretical framework was packaged into an interactive tool and will be used by the Centre as a model for policymaking. The toolkit will be shared and utilised by global food system leaders around the world to highlight the efficient use of resources and create an opportunity to enhance impactful decision making.

  • Big picture analysis enabled efficient use of resources
  • Laser focus on most effective audiences
  • Leveraging high level global networks

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