Sustainable Investment Builds Resilience

Global investment management firm BlackRock has identified that amid adverse conditions, firms with strong environmental, social and governance-related credentials are outperforming their less sustainable peers in 94% of cases. These findings demonstrate how important it has become for businesses to embrace sustainability as a strategy for long-term economic longevity and success.

Covid-19 has taken a vast toll on the wellbeing of people, societies and economies, raising many questions about what creates resilience in these challenging times. Stock markets have fallen by up to one-third around the world as economic activity stopped in its tracks. In a new report, co-authored by Vice Chairman Philipp Hildebrand, BlackRock identify sustainable investment funds as having notable resilient qualities.

This period of market turbulence and economic uncertainty has further reinforced our conviction that ESG characteristics indicate resilience during market downturns.

Furthermore, sustainable investment funds continued to see an inflow of 10% for March 2020, while traditional funds saw outflows of 12% over the same period. The outperformance of sustainable funds is another mile-marker in the shift towards sustainability, signalling a transformation that will continue to take place beyond Covid-19.

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