Animation & Design Direction

The Centre for Food Policy at City, University of London and the National Institute for Health Research.

What was the problem?

Results of a UK ethnographic study evaluated food environments in low-income areas. The report focused on the socio-economic and local availability of food and the factors that influence people’s choices. The outcomes of the study revealed valuable data that needed to be communicated through creative mediums.

What was the solution?

Seamlessly educate and inform wider audiences about how urban environments can influence our food choices. It was vital to choose a communication approach that impactfully translated academic research into relatable and consumable output.

How we did it

Developed a creative storyboard for an animated film that narrated the findings in an easy and informative journey. We provided full creative direction in the development of animation, including character development, backstory, script, cartoon environment design and voiceover recording.

Graphic Design
Creative Direction

Our Impact

The animation allowed the audience to connect with the research on a personal and emotional level, via the characters in the story, who engaged in everyday, relatable situations.

  • Translating academic findings into public-facing animated content
  • Developing emotional links with audiences
  • Conceptualising cartoon environments

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