Strategic global partnership planning

Maximised impact and engagement

What was the problem?

One of the main project deliverables of the collaboration between Wren&Co and City, University of London was to explore the potential impact of novel academic product development in a real world scenario. There was a need for product testing and feedback. It was valuable to develop a network of strategic partners whose feedback and direction would empower the product to reach its intended goal and vision.

What was the solution?

In order to achieve this we developed a strategic network partnership plan that targeted organisations who fitted the intended user profile for the toolkit. The global partnerships plan also served to enable a wider network of organisations and to work collaboratively towards aligned objectives.

How we did it

We developed our network by utilising existing relationships, partners and performing digital research. We evaluated the project objectives in relation to the target organisations and created a tiered system that evaluated partner value according to:

  • Organisation presence (Local to international)
  • Power in policy (Local to international)
  • Sector (Policy, food system, technology, NGO, charity, commercial) 
  • Impact delivered to date
Partner Activation
Brand Strategy
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Our Impact

The project goal of maximising engagement between food systems research and non-academic organisations was achieved, whilst simultaneously enabling partners with a heightened understanding of their role within the food system.

  • Enabling and educating partner organisations
  • Clear communication of food systems research
  • New partners engaged for Centre for Food Policy

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