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Food Environments Animation



Decisions around food choices are the result of many influences, every day. Friends tell us what they love and kids tell us what they want, creating emotional pressure. Special offers and advertising nudge us into buying specific products, while the range of shops we walk past and the amount of money in our pockets have a very direct impact.

Researchers delved into the behaviours of families in various areas of the UK, to find out what experiences influenced their food choices. Wren&Co were given the final report and asked to produce an engaging animation to demonstrate the findings. Findings were analysed to develop a storyboard of key points, based on a family’s journey through their local town, showing all the factors that have an impact upon our food chocies.

Once we’d consumed the research to undertand the complexity of the situation, a storyboard was initially sketched out, followed by a script to accompany it. Once the voiceover was recorded, illustration of the characters and environments began. First stage of delivery was stills from each scene, setting out the story, alongside the voiceover.

Graphic Design
Creative Direction


Illustration and animation proved to be a beautiful way to express complicated findings. If a picture tells a thousand words, then moving image tells a million.

Unfortunately, project changes under Covid-19 meant this content was put on hold and the final animation wasn’t completed. It was sad to see, we were ready to launch a big wheelie and ride this content into the horizon. Would you like to be our next delivery?

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