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SAPEA Sustainable Food for European Union


Food systems researchers from institutions across Europe came together to provide the best evidence for SAPEA‘s report on Sustainable Food Systems. SAPEA is the organisation charged with providing scientific evidence to the Group of Chief Scientific Advisors, so that European Commissioners can create policy based on independent analysis.

Using the best evidence available, they created an incredibly thorough report which covers the ways a sustainable food system can be imagined, from a social sciences perspective. After 12 months, the working group, chaired by Professor Peter Jackson, Co-Director of the University of Sheffield Institute for Sustainable Food, returned a draft ready for peer review. At this point, SAPEA required independent analysis and writing to extract the key areas of the report.

Once SAPEA supplied the final draft prior to peer review, we analysed the entire document and condensed it into a short Executive Summary to make the issues accessible. Further to this, a selection of key messages were extracted and proposed to the working group, to go forwards as the vital information to be used in wider dissemination of the report.

Critical Analysis
Scientific Writing


Across Europe, the report has been well received with the key messages extracted by Wren & Co quickly accepted by the working group. Download the full report here.

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