Strategic Brand Development & Communications


Strategic Brand Development & Communications Scientific Advice for Policy by European Academies (SAPEA) What was the problem? In 2018, SAPEA was asked to produce a research study focused on the development of a sustainable food system for the EU. SAPEA needed to transform the academic tone [...]

Graphic Design


Graphic Design The Centre for Food Policy at City, University of London What was the problem? Research funding applications provide the financial backbone for many organisations, with successful applications being vital to their success. During a Covid-19 recovery tracking bid, researchers wanted to condense enormous detail [...]

Scientific Writing on Sustainable Food for the European Union


Scientific Writing on Sustainable Food for the European Union EVALUATING AND SUMMARISING THE RESEARCH Outline Food systems researchers from institutions across Europe came together to provide the best evidence for SAPEA's report on Sustainable Food Systems. SAPEA is the organisation charged with providing scientific [...]

Dietary Guidelines of the Future


Dietary Guidelines of the Future HOW ADVICE ON FOOD CAN SERVE THE NEXT GENERATION Outline With human and planetary health jointly becoming hot topics for the future of our planet, Wren&Co founder Gavin Wren developed his thought-leading vision of the future's dietary guidelines. Engaging [...]

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